The best athletes, sports-players and business executives all have coaches for a reason.

Who is your coach?
Think about it...

  • What did Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have in common?
    They practiced deliberately and have coaches for different aspects of their game. Their mindset is to constantly improve and have an edge over the competition.

  • The greatest in the world have coaches. Why don’t you?
    Arguably the stock market is the most competitive environment in the world. You’re up against the brightest minds, PhD’s and supercomputers. And you’re trying to do this alone, without a coach to help you?

  • What is the one thing all the greatest in any field throughout the ages have done?
    They all practiced deliberately, and they practiced a lot. Tiger Woods golf coach from 1993 – 2004 Butch Harmon said he’s never seen someone practice more than Tiger.

Some people may be born with talent.
But to become great, you must practice deliberately.

Name one athlete or sports-player who is the best in the world that hasn’t practiced deliberately....
The key to success is deliberate practice, perseverance, and a positive mindset.

No one is born a ‘talented’ stock trader.

You must learn the skills required to become a great stock trader
jack corsellis deliberate practice

What is deliberate practice?

Deliberate practice is a special type of practice conducted in a methodical, conscious and intentional way, to achieve specific goals and improve performance via practical application of theories.  

The feedback from deliberate practice is continually used to enhance the participants’ performance towards achieving the desired objectives.

Your Opportunity to Learn One-to-One with One of the World’s Leading Stock Market Coaches

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  • Accelerate Your Learning

  • Work one to one with one of the world's leading stock market teachers

  • Deliberate practice will significantly improve your stock trading performance

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Improve your decision making

  • Learn to better identify optimal entries and exits

  • Improve your trade management

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Principal Instructor, Founder

Jack Corsellis

Jack is one of the leading stock market teachers and his educational courses are world renown for their expert knowledge. Jack’s passion for the market and love of teaching make all his courses and memberships truly unique.

You’ll regularly see Jack practicing what he preaches by reviewing real money trades on his YouTube channel from stocks he alerted you to in the watchlist.

How Jack Mentors You One to One

What does a 60-minute session look like?

Prior to the session:  Jack will email you a Zoom meeting link.  Simply click on the link to access the private, secure, online meeting room.   Zoom enables Jack to share his screen allowing deliberate practice bar-by-bar sessions.  Having your webcam on or off is your choice.  Please ensure your computer microphone, or external microphone is on.  This will enable you to talk with Jack one to one.  Only you and Jack will be able to access the online meeting.

0 – 5 minutes:  Jack records all your previous deliberate practice session trades in an Excel spreadsheet so detailed analysis can be conducted on your results.  This enables strengths and weaknesses to be identified and action plans put in place.  Jack also makes session notes which, with the Excel spreadsheet, are uploaded to an online private folder, for you to view at any time.  The first part of the session reviews your current trading performance, action plans, and goals for the session ahead.  

5 – 55 minutes:  This is where you and Jack will focus on your entries, exits and trade management.   Jack has hundreds of stocks loaded with different breakout and spring entries paused on the potential entry candlestick.  You will analyse in depth the structure and the potential entry candlestick for whether you’d take the trade.  If you decide to take the trade Jack will go bar-by-bar working on your trade management decision making process.  The best way to improve is practical application of the theory, and doing it in a deliberate way.  Once you exit a position Jack records the result and you’ll have a discussion on the trade before moving onto the next potential entry.  This type of deliberate practice enables you to improve your entry analysis and trade management without committing capital.  You’ll have Jack questioning you on every bar once in the position.  This is what accelerates your learning and decision making processes.  There is a why for everything you do.

55 – 60 minutes:  Debrief of the session and scheduling your next deliberate practice session.

After the session:  Jack uploads your trading results into your Excel spreadsheet and completes his session notes before uploading both to your shared private online folder.  Jack will send you an email with the Zoom link for you next session and let you know he’s uploaded the new documents to the online folder.

Tailor your sessions:  Are there parts of stock trading you’d specifically like to work on?  Let Jack know so sessions can be tailored to meet you individual requirements.  Many of Jack’s students find significant value reviewing their previous real-life trades with him as post analysis is a great way to accelerate your learning.

The sessions focus on practical application of successful stock trading, improving your skills and decision-making processes.  

To become a consistently profitable stock trader, you must deliberately practice like one.

Perfect practice makes perfect.  

Plan & Price Structure

3, 6 or 12 month plans available.

All plans are full upfront payments and billed on a recurring basis.

There are no refunds or pro-rata refunds available.   All sales are final.

3 Month Plan: £6,000 (£2,000 per month)

4 sessions per month

6 Month Plan: £10,800 (£1,800 per month) 10% Discount

4 sessions per month or 8 sessions per month for 3 months plus 1 bonus session in your first month

12 Month Plan: £19,200 (£1,600 per month) 20% Discount

4 sessions per month or 8 sessions per month for 6 months plus 2 bonus sessions in your first month

Your Opportunity to Learn One-to-One with One of the World’s Leading Stock Market Coaches

Arrange a FREE 30 min consultation to see if mentoring is the right fit for you