• Expert Swing Trading Knowledge

    Learn from one of the world’s best swing traders and stock market teachers. Each membership plan contains a different number of Jack's instructional swing trading courses (sold separately on this site) that are always available for you to learn at your own pace during your membership.

  • The Best US and UK Swing Trading Opportunities

    During your membership you will have access to Jack's highly regarded US and UK stock watchlists. Receive the best swing trading opportunities the US and UK market has to offer sent straight from Jack’s trading desk 3 times a week.

  • Join the Swing Trading Community

    Daily interaction with Jack and other PREMIUM members in multiple chatrooms.
    Discuss, share and analyse trading ideas and review past trades with other like-minded members.

There is nothing basic about this package with pro journal and watchlist access.
every month
cancel anytime

every 3 months
cancel anytime
You save £120 (16%)
per year vs monthly

annual recurring
You save £144 (20%)
per year vs monthly
  • US and UK Swing Trading Watchlists
    (Valued: £600 per year)
  • Jack's Pro Excel Trading Journal
  • Access to Historic Watchlists
Access to several foundational courses and Jack's watchlist service.
every month
cancel anytime

every 3 months
cancel anytime
You save £200 (16%)
per year vs monthly

annual recurring
You save £390 (32%)
per year vs monthly

All the benefits of BASIC, plus:

  • 8 hrs of Trading Education Videos
    (Valued: £780)
  • Introductory Course
  • Breakout Strategy Course
Access to everything! All courses, community chatrooms and real time alerts
every month
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every 3 months
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You save £900 (37%)
per year vs monthly

annual recurring
You save £1405 (58%)
per year vs monthly

The COMPLETE package. All the benefits of BASIC and PRO, plus:

  • 15 min Welcome Consultation call with Jack (via Zoom)
    - to better understand your trading goals and how best to use the learning material and site.
  • Over 50 hrs trading education videos from beginners-> advanced
    (Valued: over £3,500!)
  • Regular (often daily) Real time Stock alerts - US and UK stocks that are high on my watchlist and close to entry point - sent straight to your inbox
  • Live (near real-time) UK/US Swing Trade Watchlist
  • Advanced Trading Course
  • Multiple HIGH-VALUE chatrooms:
    • Daily interaction with Jack
    • Learn with other PREMIUM members
    • REAL-TIME ALERTS Chatroom
    • TRADING LESSONS Chatroom
    • STOCK RECAP Chatroom
    • GENERAL TRADING Chatroom

  • Recession Survival Course
  • Jack's Monthly Stock Recap
  • PREMIUM ONLY Deliberate Practice Course
  • PREMIUM ONLY Perfect Entries Course
  • PREMIUM ONLY Historic Perfect Entries Course
  • PREMIUM ONLY Perfect Short Entries Course
  • Exclusive PREMIUM ONLY Content and all future courses included!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cancel my membership plan at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime via the user dashboard. All membership subscription plans are billed in advance on a recurring basis.

  • What types of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

  • How do I upgrade my membership plan?

    If you would like to upgrade your membership plan then please contact jack@wyckoffeducation.com. Your request will be prioritised.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Full details of our refund policy can be found in the 'refund policy' page - a link is in the footer bar of every page (bottom of the page). Please read this carefully because terms and conditions differ between memberships subscriptions plans and courses.

  • Are there any contracts, setup fees or hidden fees?

    There are no setup fees or hidden fees. If you choose a monthly plan there are no contracts. If you choose an annual plan then you will receive the advertised discount and have an annual contract.

  • Can I work through courses at my own pace?

    Yes. If you have paid separately for a course or it is included in your membership plan, you will be able to watch the tutorial video sessions in the online platform. You can save where you have got to and track your progress. Want to resume the course where last finished? Simply log back into the dashboard, select the course, and pick up where you left off – it really is that easy. You can also read the full course notes on the online platform or print them off in PDF format, the choice is yours.

  • I am new to trading and investing, will I understand any of this?

    Yes. Jack is one of the world’s leading stock market teachers for a reason. He has a great ability to simplify complex topics and concepts and teach them in an easy to understand, step by step, way. By subscribing to the Premium Membership, you will receive access to all of Jack’s courses. You can start with the beginner’s Introductory course and work your way up to the Advanced Trading course, all at your own pace. Whilst you are studying you can keep an eye on the Watchlist to better understand how price structures develop in real-time and exactly how Jack goes about identifying an opportunity and entering a trade. The Watchlist is also a great educational tool as you have access to all previous reports dating back to Nov 2019 when the service was created.

  • What is Jack's Watchlist?

    The Watchlist service focuses on UK & US shares that are close to one of Jack’s 3 optimal repeatable entry points. These entry points focus on breakouts and springs. Teaching of these entry points can be found in the Advanced Trading Course and tutorial videos designed to help you learn how to use the Watchlist service.

  • How often is Jack's Watchlist updated?

    His watchlist is updated 3 times a week. On Monday's and Wednesday's a new PDF report is uploaded which shows you Jack’s current favourite stocks getting close to optimal entry points with detailed analysis on the price charts. On Saturday’s you will be able to watch a video where Jack goes through over 10 of his favourite breakout and spring ideas.